China’s total investment in Africa is quite small.

Study by the world bank

http:// siteresources.worldbank.o…a_Silk_Road.pdf

-pg 40 shows that Africa is not just investing in natural resources

-pg. 95, Sub-Sahara Africa only receives 1.8% of all FDI (foreign direct investment) in the world. South America receives 9.2%, and East/SEAsia 19.6 to give some perspective.

-pg 96. Shows Asian exports to Africa and imports from Africa have increased in the last 15 years ,but slowly.

pg. 124 shows total China FDI in Africa is only 5%. China invests 32% in Latin America, and 56% in Asia.

The fastest growth has bee nin Africa though.

-pg 120 – THE BIG ONE:

“FDI to Africa is predicted to continue to increase with more diversified
investors from different countries (see box 2.3). European countries (the
United Kingdom and France) and North American countries (the United
States and Canada) have been the main foreign investors in Sub-Saharan
Africa, accounting for 68 percent and 22 percent of the FDI stock, respectively.
However, FDI from developing countries, particularly from South
Africa, China, and India, as well as from Malaysia and Brazil, has increased
substantially in Africa. FDI from Asia accounts for 8 percent of total FDI
inflows to Africa.”

China is not investing much, remember the 8% stat is all of Asia, including India, Japan, South Korea, etc.

The West is bar far the greatest investor in Africa.

Based on this I think “Sinophobia” is over blown.