Putin reacts to NATO ‘muscle-flexing’ – Put appears to be talking tough. There are multiple messages aimed at different audiences, a domestic audience, to rally nationalism; a show solidarity with China (through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization); and a message to the newer Eastern European NATO members, as well as the U.S., that Russia is not a “push over”.

Ian Smith, white supremacist in Rhodesia, dies at 88 – Not much to say about this other than his hell will be to spend eternity with Mugabe. Hopefully he is not far behind old Ian. Good luck with that $*#*@

Stocks tumble as oil hits record high – The downward spiral continues from yesterday.

HIV case double in Beijing – This is still quite small by American standards. If you want to see Southern African style HIV infection rates come to Washington D.C.   I’m sure the CCP does not want things to get out of hand though.  I’m not sure how things have progressed on this front in China, being I have not been there since 2002, and was not dating at that time. When I lived there in 1999, there were not that many people using condoms, and I remember STDs were increasing in Shanghai at that time due to increasing prostitution.  The article cited that the majority of new cases were “migrants” and I’m guessing they are mostly male and frequent prostitutes when they have the money.  There is also IV drug use going on, which the CCP, claims is responsible for most of the HIV cases in Yunnan, not sure about the rest of China though.