US studios sue Chinese website for film piracy – I just blogged about the fact that piracy in China is very much overstated, but it does definitely exist. This is bad for business, my business. Where are my Chinese friends going to get the free stuff to give to me???

Yuan achieves record against US currency – Is China budging or just giving a little to shut up critics? I’m guessing the latter and also the CCPs concern over their domestic inflation.

JAPAN AS A GLOBAL CONTRIBUTOR: Becoming a global ‘coordinator’ – It seems more than just business body NY Times reporters are calling on Japan to strengthen its diplomacy, so is the Asahi Shimbun editorial staff. The problem is that the Prime Minister ship is so weak in Japan and everything is done by consensus, it is difficult to take decisive action, especially if it is controversial.   I strongly disagree with the article in regard to the SDF and not changing “Article 9”.  Japan has earned the right to be a normal nation,  it should no longer have to appease Chinese and Korean paranoia. In any case, I do not foresee this changing in the near future, everyone is not going to be Koizumi Junichiro or Tanaka Kakuei, in fact I would say they are aberrations. BTW, my wife hates Kakuei for taking money out of Nagano infrastructure for Niigata pork barrel politic building projects, setting the “great” Nagano Prefecture” (her prefecture) back until the 1989 Winter Olympics. hehe.

AID FOR AFRICA: We cannot ignore Africa’s problems, or they will affect entire world – Calls for Japan to take a more active leadership role in regard to development of the African continent. It may be that China has beat them to that, on top of existing British, American, and French involvement. The way I see it, the more competition the better for Africans.