I guess this thread can be called the “Chinese Story”, as the source of my comments will be the People’s Daily (CCP Mouthpiece).   I feel it is important to get multiple sides, and too often we only get one, the Western side…the liberal one at that. 

Yesterday we left off with Wu Yi being annoyed with some opening statements from the EU.  Today we have some remarks from President Hu, on his “immediate priorities” and then a more detailed  outline for the future proposed by Wen Jiabao.

The first priority is to strengthen strategic mutual trust, be aware of the general situation and grasp the future.
Hu hoped that China and the EU should keep close high-level contacts and make full use of the multi-level political dialogue and consultation mechanisms established between them to strengthen communication and coordination on major international or regional issues as well as other key issues concerning their immediate interests.

The second priority is to expand pragmatic cooperation and realize mutual benefit, win-win and common development.

Hu said both China and EU should fully explore the potential, actively look for new opportunities for cooperation, further enhance bilateral exchanges and collaboration in all areas, and jointly face up to global challenges including climate change, energy security and environmental protection.

The third priority is that China and EU should, in the spirit of mutual respect and negotiation on an equal footing, properly handle new circumstances and problems emerging from the development of bilateral ties so as to expand common ground, narrow discord and create a much better internal and external environment for further pushing forward the China-EU all-round strategic partnership.

My interpretation of the “diplomatese” is that Hu’s priorities are centered around focusing on business, meaning, he wants to focus on a strong pragmatic bilateral relationship based on mutual economic benefit, not an ideological one. Hu does not want the EU talking down to China on issues of human rights or militarism. He wants China to be respected as an equal partner on a global level. Good luck with that Hu. Unlike you, the heads of state of the various EU countries have to answer to a very liberal public who care little about economics until their pocket book gets hurt and pay a lot of lip service to “human rights”.

As far as the Future Strategic Partnership, Wen Jiabao fleshed out a more detailed proposal.

China wants to expand trade with the EU and deal with any problems with direct high-level bilateral talks, both formal and informal.  This would be based on relationship building fostered by a new Trade and Economic Agreement (first update in over 12 years).  He also proposed specific working groups for “China-EU sci-tech cooperation and sign educational exchanges and cooperation agreement as soon as possible, implement the working plan on cultural dialogue and cooperation, and strengthen practical cooperation in the fields of climate change, energy and environmental protection. ”

Wen also stated that China would “continue” to open up their market to foreign competition as agreed to during WTO ascension.

The EU, in return praised China’s work on the N.Korea and Iranian Nuclear Issues and reaffirmed the One-China (Screw Taiwan) Policy. 🙂