Violent protests over diplomas at Chinese military academy – There was another riot (as this has happened before) at a Chinese university over diplomas. The big “new” thing is that this was at a Chinese military academy. It appears that the military students were not the people rioting, the article goes into detail about that. The non-military students were upset, that despite the high cost paid by their families for tuition, they would not be awarded accredited diplomas. Being that the average Chinese graduate is facing high competition for white collar jobs, this is quite serious.

African death rate from measles drops 90 percent – The WHO will likely be refocusing efforts on the near measles epicenter of the Middle East and South Asia. What is amazing is Africa fell to this level 4 years earlier than expected!

The thuggery behind the harmonious facade – I find this to be a fair article about how the domestic Chinese intelligence officials try to intimidate and tease information out of people they suspect being involved in anti-CCP activity. I have a friend who went through this because his cousin, he grew up with, was a dissident. This happened several times, including after he had secured Permanent Residence in the United States, and went back to China to visit family. He was never physically roughed up, just verbally interrogated as to his comings and goings, as well as that of his cousin in America, an anti-CCP academic. I do not agree with these measures, but I see it as a reflection of the CCP’s paranoia of socialluan(chaos) that could lead to the overthrow of the party or civil war. Most Chinese that I know do not experience these things because they are about business, and not publically political.  At one time actions such as these occured in the United States to, but for different reasons. For those not familiar with Tammany Hall politics check the link.

Troubled waters – China is having some trouble balancing inflation curbing methods with higher fuel costs, in turn, causing shortage.

The HIV/AIDS confusion and circumcision – The Shanghaiist found some discrepancies in the Western reporting of HIV rates in China.  As I examine news articles more, I’m finding this terribly common, so not shocking, especially when reporting on non-Western nations is concerned.   Yesterday, I sited my info from a Chinese source.