China to launch manned spacecraft Shenzhou VII in 2008 – China will embark on another maned space mission.

Japan corporate profits fall – More Japanese bi-polar economics.  Well despite Japan’s ups and downs over the last 15 years, they are still the second largest economy in the world, that says a lot considering growth rates have been fairly low since the early 1990’s.

China rejects accusation of hacker activities – Who is naive enough to think that Britain and the U.S. do not routinely spy on China? It goes both ways, Chinese were just not sneaky enough to get caught. In Chinese culture, denying the obvious seems to be a sign of strength though, so do not expect any admission of this coming from Zhongnanhai (中南海).

Japanese inmates claim prison doctor abused them, sparking riot – The only reason I’m posting this is that riots in Japan are so unusual.  I’m not shocked that a doctor treated prisoners harshly, most Japanese have a very negative opinion of criminals, as people who are the ultimate non-conformers and violators of group ism. Prisons in Japan are run like military academies and prisoners are often abused (by Western standards), but then again Japan has one of the smallest prison populations of any industrialized country, Confucianist-based groupism has its benefits.  What is surprising is that the prisoners rioted over it.

In search of illumination: Chinese companies expand overseas – Great article on Chinese Business.  Unlike Japan, Inc., China, Inc. consists mostly of loosely organized State Owned Enterprises expanding into markets that will allow them to acquire natural resources.  It seems Beijing is still trying to figure out how to invest its surplus cash, and the companies are trying to gain experience in multinational business dealings.

African states refuse to join EU trade deal – Good for South Africa and Nambia, that deal with B.S.:

The two states said they had refused to join the economic partnership agreements principally to avoid being bound into guaranteeing the EU equal terms to any bilateral trade deals negotiated with other parties in the future.

That is very unfair, but this is what developing nations go through all the time, because they have little leverage.