China Media Less Aggressive in Foreign Coverage

Why China cracked down on my nonprofit – This is an excellent, first hand look into freedom of speech issues and also the level of xenophobia and paranoia on the mainland. If you are so inclined to learn more about Mr Young and his organization, visit China Development Brief.

Uganda: Museveni to Meet Kabila Over LRA Rebels – Since I’m pretty much convinced that the key to African development lies in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo, South Africa, and Kenya I watch the DR Congo pretty closely. The last 10 years have been a nightmare, but it is encouraging to see the leader of a small stable country, like Uganda, involved. It could be for the Great Lakes Region what Singapore was for SE Asia. I am also happy to see the U.S. is getting involved in the region, more than just installing a strong man to control things.

Hu pressed Kim Jong Il on abductions / Beijing envoy pushed issue on Pyongyang visit – I guess this was part of the “trade talks” between China and Japan. Japan promised more investment if China “put the screws” to Kim over the Japanese abduction. This is a big issue with the Japanese public. Japanese people are quite nice, but somewhat uneasy with foreigners in Japan, let alone being kidnapped by Koreans, the same Koreans who have routinely threatened to nuke Japan and make it burn in a “sea of nuclear fire”. The funny thing is that N.Korea and Japan were making progress on the issue a few years ago and it was JAPAN who dropped the ball on it.