Train in vain – The Shanhaiist has a report on China’s evolving train system. Hell it is becoming more modern than what you can find in the United States. I would think they are aiming for a German or Japanese style system. I have road a bullet train in Japan, very smooth and comfortable ride. If the Chinese trains are comparable that is a great improvement to the ones I took while in China. I would love to ride a maglev.

EU, African leaders wrap up meet that exposed faultlines– Most of this seemed to center around criticism of two nations out of 53, instead of focusing on how to lift up the majority. It would be similar ot having a Pan-European conference with the United States and American focusing only on backward nations like Belarus and Serbia. How about focusing on business? Mbeki was right when he spoke of the central problem being “resources”. I’m not fan of Mugabe and definitely not of Al-Bashir, but those issues should be handled in another forum. This should be focused on African uplift. Sudan and Zimbabwe have little to do with what is going on in 90% of the other nations on the continent. Actually besides Sudan, Zimbabwe has absolutely nothing to do with anything happening anywhere else but for refugees going to South Africa.

Japan executes three prisoners, disclosing names and details for first time – I like Japanese executions because they are secret, no one knows when it is going to happen, not even the families. There is definitely not time to protest. Compared to America, Japan rarely has any executions and not much of a death row, murder is just not as common.

Japan’s crown princess turns 44, still suffering stress disorder– The media needs to leave Masako-sama alone, they have about driven her crazy since before she had her daughter.

Ang Lee’s spy thriller ‘Lust, Caution’ dominates Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards – Oh, I will definitely be watching “Lust Caution“, mainly because it is being lauded as a breakthrough in Chinese film and Tang Wei is hot.

Africa: Baroness Amos of Brondesbury, Valerie Ann Amos – Here is an interesting interview with Baroness Amos, ahead of the Africa-EU Summit. She was chosen to represent the UK. For those that do not know, the Baroness is black and was born in Guyana.