S.Korea is China’s Least Favorite Neighbor – Survey – What in the world did S.Korea do to China to make them less popular than Japan? I know some Koreans nationalist have claimed that Koreans invented Chinese characters, that Kong Fuzi (Confucius) was Korean, and that China “stole land” from North Korea. Actually, North Korea sold the land to China, but it is sacred to all Koreans, so there is a fuss.

As Korean Wave Fades, Japanese Wave Rises – Hat tip to Marmot Hole…I lived in Japan from 2001-2002, around the time of the World Cup, when the Korean wave started. It seems to be burning out though, and as a commentator at the bottom of the article mentions, the popularity of Korean actors was usually with middle age Japanese women. LOL I do not think is really a “wave” as much as normalization. I think, since S.Korea has slowly opened up its market to Japanese cultural imports that it is natural for some consumers to choose to purchases them, when before they could not. Korea, had the restrictions, for fear of the Japanization of their culture, especially since they were a former colony of Japan. Now that trade relations are normal and general social relations between the two nations are better one should expect to see an upswing in sales of these type of goods between two nations that have some cultural affinity and historic relationship.

China marks 70th anniversary of ‘Nanking Massacre’ – A tragic event in history, one that my friend’s grandmother almost witnessed, luckily they fled to Nanjing from Shanghai. They had heard rumors of what the Japanese army was doing and that Chiang Kai Shek was not going to defend the city, so they fled by foot; following the KMT (Guo Ming Dong) and likely saving their lives in the process. One thing I did noticed is that the historical consensus of 150K being killed is half of what China claims. As I stated the other day, this is part of the “grand shakedown” of Japan, which has been going on for decades. I do not, for one minute, think that the top levels of the CCP give a crap about who was killed by the Japanese or the survivors. They never have and neither did the KMT, but I’ve addressed all of that here. Mainstream Japanese people also do not deny the massacre, but most people maintain (as do most Western historians) that the common Chinese figure is far too high.

Hong Kong urges Beijing on direct elections timetable – I do not think that will be happening in the new future, but they can keep trying. I do not think Beijing cares what the Hong Kong public wants as long as there is no widespread social disruption and the money keeps flowing. The UK set China up. Hong Kong never had any real form of democracy until, the last British Gov. Chris Patten, made democratic forms right before the handover. The Brits knew exactly what type of position this would put China in. The Brits never cared about the Hong Kongers, if they did they would have gave them democracy decades ago, they used them to spite China. What China is doing is biding time until greater reforms can be accomplished on the mainland. Having a fully democratic enclave, that can directly communicate by media with the rest of China is a potential for instability on the mainland, the CCP knows it, and so did the Brits.

Host-nation aid to drop by 800 mil. yen – This is something I never understood. After WWII, America forced a “peace constitution” on the Japanese and then made the Japanese pay for American military based on Japanese soil that gave strategic advantage, primarily to the United States during the Cold War. Japan is one of the few nations that actually pays the U.S. to have bases on its soil, it is usually the other way around. The U.S. position is that, “We protect Japan”. To me this is roughly equivalent to mafia insurance payments. The Japanese never asked for protection. Now America does not only want Japan to pay for its bases, but also to build up its own military capability to “support America and help created greater stability in the region”…huh???

Made in China: Hip-Hop Moves East – Oh boy, I’m guessing this is like party music, similar to Japanese hip hop (for Western people, think Beastie Boys and Will Smith, not JayZ or 50 Cent). The closest I get to Chinese hiphop is Jay Chou(Zhou Jielun) and Coco Lee (Li Wen), which is not saying much. I found it interesting that the article stated some complaints from locals, saying “you can not rap in Chinese…it is not suitable” when Jay Chou, in Taiwan, has been doing it for some years now. The vast majority of Chinese words end in vowels and are often monosyllabic, that is perfect for rap…much easier to rhyme.