China’s booming sex industry -The Shanghaiist has a good post on the “sex industry” in China. I blogged about changing sex norms on the Mainland awhile ago. I agree with them, that China will eventually legalize prostitution and regulate it, especially in light of the growing urban heterosexual HIV infection rate. The Chinese are pragmatic and this is not unheard in fairly recent Chinese history. To my knowledge enforced anti-prostitution laws did not come about until 1949; under the communists. The situations in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong might be instructive. Prostitution in Hong Kong and Singapore is legal but regulated. It was legal and regulated in Taiwan until 1997, but from what I have heard it is not strongly enforced. This might be a good direction for China, and one I advocate for the U.S.: “Sex workers must carry a health card and submit to medical checks. But soliciting for sex on the street is illegal“.