Kenya’s Odinga Calls for Mediator to Resolve Crisis – Sitting president Kibaki called for a power sharing plan, which was rejected by Odinga.  Odinga wants international mediation lead by John Kufour, Ghana’s president. He is insistent that the true winner of the election is not known and needs to be discovered.  This makes sense to me to uphold the rule of law.  In this situation, if there was significant ballot box stuffing; a recount will not help. They will need to do a new election that is heavily supervised by foreign monitors. I believe Kibaki will oppose this as long as he possibly can, for obvious reasons.

China planning Taiwan Strait route for commercial aviation – China appears to be muscling in on airspace very close to what has been traditionally controlled by Taiwan. This has the effect of limiting Taiwan’s military exercises in the straight.  I see this as a duel maneuver for China.  They can reinforce the idea to Taiwan that their is “one China” and the shots are called from Beijing.  At the same time; China can relieve air congestion between Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing without opening up strategic airspace over the Mainland. Taiwan is crying foul to Washington, and the Bush Admin is doing some behind the scenes mediation. If I were Taiwan I would use whatever leverage I have to resist this.   I believe China is trying to intimidate; as well as, test the resolve of the U.S. over the Taiwan issue.

Smear tactics dominate Taiwanese parties’ campaign for parliamentary vote – Just some old old Taiwanese mudslinging election politics.  Legislative Yuan seats are up for election and Pan Blue/Pan Green are duking it out. Example: “‘The Nationalists are joining hands with China to suppress Taiwan’s democracy,’ the commercial says.”

Nigeria: Ribadu Remains EFCC Chairman – Presidency – I blogged on this before. The controversy was that Ribadu appeared too successful at his job and was being “sent away” for an extended period. Here is an update of the brouhaha this has caused. The fact it has caused major outrage is a good thing though.

UK Doubles Contribution to African Development Fund – This is great! $863 million will go far on the continent. The monies will be tracked through projects of the Millenium Development Goals, which include “improving the productive capacity in Africa, promoting economic integration, investing in infrastructure, private sector development, developing the skills needed to be competitive, as well as stepping up engagement in fragile states”.

Uganda: Fuel Prices Double As Stocks Run Out – This is a great example of a relatively stable and prosperous landlocked nation hindered by its much larger unstable conduit to the sea.  A common problem in Africa as so many nations are landlocked.