Chinese woman goes way off-message on the Olympics – Opps…someone had diarrhea of the mouth and now they are unemployed.

For China, stability comes before democracy – This is an excellent editorial on the rise of Chinese democracy by Francis Fukuyama.

Thousands march for democracy in HK – They do this every year, and as I said, the CCP believes it is in their interest to delay any form of real democracy in Hong Kong as long as they can.  China says they are about 10 years away, but I would say 15 years. Do not expect any movement on this issue before the Mainland becomes a upper middle income country. By that time I believe the CCP will be less concerned with a democratic Hong Kong being able to politically destabilize the mainland. From what I understand, these type of demonstrations attract fewer and fewer people every year. I think many people still care; they just realize that the CCP is not going to be swayed.