I am a 30 something year old African American male.  I have lived half my life in the American Midwest and another half in the Southeast. I earned a Master of Liberal Arts Degree in International Studies at a university in Texas. Prior to this, I completed two Bachelors of Science in International Business and Information Technology in Virginia.

After graduating I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan as an English teacher and IT contractor from 2001-2002. My overseas experiences also include a semester studying Mandarin Chinese at the Shanghai International Studies University in 1999. I have also traveled to several other nations including Taiwan, South Korea, and Switzerland. I’m presently living in eastern Switzerland (Ostschweiz or Deutschschweiz)

I am also highly interested in European and East and Southeast Asian political economic environment; however, I follow  a wide variety of topics to include, but not limited to history, population genetics, and sociology.