Sol 3Welcome to my world! We are embarking on an exciting new age, a shift in human political and social evolution. The epicenter of world power is slowly shifting away from the North Atlantic and to the Pacific Rim.  At the same time, the traditional nation-state is fast becoming obsolete in this new age of multinationalism. As modern nations were artificially created by the elites of previous generations using such tools as the newspaper; railway networks; mass education; conscript armies; taxation; the standardization of vernacular language; the mobilization of myths and symbols; the rewriting of history; and even the invention of tradition, so the wheels of change and the tools of creation are churning once more to form the new age of Transnationalism.

In light of these trends, this blog is focused on, but not limited to, the continuing evolution of international affairs as it plays out in the Pacific Rim,  especially in the Confucianist nations of China, Taiwan, the Koreas, Japan, and Vietnam While great attention will be shown to these rising powers, I am also interested in least powerful and most vulnerable region, Sub-Sahara Africa.

If you care for the civil discussion of these topics you are more than welcome. There are no rules to this site. Just use commonsense, courtesy, and a sense of humor. This is not a political site per se but the common political slant is slightly right of center. This site is globalist and elitist in nature. The closed minded and those proud to be ignorant will be ridiculed without an ounce of leniency.  All opinions are welcome though, but not all will be equally respected, especially if  they are not supported by facts.

Site Motto for Commenting:

Quocunque Jeceris Stabit, which translates to Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand.

The Administrator – Dragon Horse

Footnote: For those that do not understand commonsense; this means no threats, solicitation, and no racial, religious, gender, or sexual orientation based insults or propaganda. This site greatly values logic and reason. Absolutely no rants. If you have a long point to make, you are welcome, but break it up into paragraphs and if possible into easy to read points. If you can not make a point or compose an argument without resorting to the above then this is not the place for you.