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Inflation – China’s lost battle – There are some great examples in this article of how the rise in inflation effects manufacturing in China. The writer also speculates that part of the CCPs refusal to reevaluate the yuan (RMB) is to avoid a drop in wages, but this policy has produced a de facto decrease due inflation. He believes a reevaluation would offset a decline in wages, as wealthier Chinese would be able to afford to consume more from abroad. I do not believe the CCP is that optimistic, well at least not so much as to do an immediate revaluation or a float.

Jet Li says China, Tibet should be unified – Not shocking, as he is from the Mainland. I did not know he was a Tibetan Buddhist. That is strange for a Han Chinese. Well, I the Dalia Lama no longer calls for Tibetan independence, because he knows it is impossible. What he calls for is the autonomy that Tibet had under the last dynasty (Qing).

Japan monks promote Buddhism through fashion, rap – This is just bizarre. This would only happen in Japan, no place else, just Japan. LOL

China becomes Canada’s 2nd-largest trade partner – Well, I do know China is the first or second largest trade partners for Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the list grows every year.

I will keep my promises, Chen tells US – The initial article is the more Pan-Green take, the Pan-Blue take is here. I honestly do not believe China will make any serious threats against Taiwan if the referendum goes through, they know they can block any UN resolution for Taiwanese membership. The issues is that Burghardt know the referendum will be approved, as both the Pan-Blue and Pan-Green support UN membership, they just have different takes on if the name should be Taiwan or The Republic of China. The U.S. is concerned this will put more pressure on the Sino-American relationship, giving China a edge in any future dealings. It comes down to, it is an unneeded headache for Washington and one more step in the way of nationalism for Taiwan, which will also make any future talk of reunification more difficult. I do not believe Chen will ever declare independence, he is not stupid. What he wants is to establish strong roots for Taiwanese nationalism in the population, from which he hopes a strong independence movement will grow. IMOP, it is working, but a little slower than he expected.

No sex workers’ rights, no nation – My view on this is a libertarian one. Tax it, regulate it (disease test, red light districts, no street walking), license it, and leave it alone. The best thing any society can do is make it as safe as possible, for the workers and the clients. No society in history has stopped this industry and it is a victimless crime if you regulate the mafias and pimps out of the business.

China denies it deleted parts of communique with Japan – Despite “Japan’s fury“, China knows nothing. I was obviously not there, so I have no clue what went on, but what I do know from years of watching China is that the CCP publicly denying things in the face of firm evidence is not unheard of, in fact, it is common.

Researchers: Human evolution speeding up – I blogged about this once, twice, and now three times this year. People generally assume evolution is a measured slow change over time. That looks to be false. Evolution seems to be more subject to population pressure then thought. It appears it occurs in waves over thousands, not millions of years. We are not usually speaking of radical change in body shape or size. As the article points out, lactose tolerance, skin coloring, and other more subtle things are under high selection in different populations for different regions. I do not expect humans to “speciate”, likely ever, short of some type of epidemic or nuclear war that leaves very small populations geographically isolated for very long periods of time (like in the millions of years). That is unlikely. History shows that whenever slightly divergent populations come into contact gene flow commences as people do what they do. It is not shocking to me that different populations are under different selective pressures, as the world has changed in the last 200 years more than it did in the previous 2,000 years.

Foreign trade nears US$2 trln in first 11 months

PM talks with Singapore minister Goh – Big trade between two Confucian neighbors.

Banks say loan regulation unfeasible – Seems there is some push back from Vietnamese leaders over the new government initiative to temper inflation.

Kenya: Charity Begins At Home for Top Contenders – The article talks about how each presidential candidate is leading in his home province, largely due to tribal ties. 

Japan infuriated by China’s deletions from joint press communique – This is not the way for China to build goodwill.  When I read things like that I question the ability of the CCP elites to really understand the outside world.

Rising inflation forces banks into a corner – Vietnam is having some serious inflation issues, again.

Japanese studies facing the chop in Europe –  This is very sad to read but inevitable.  What this article should say is, “Japanese studies faced with popularity of Chinese studies, get the chop in Europe.”  Japan is not doing enough to stay relevant internationally.  They are the second wealthiest nation in the world with a lot of great qualities and they are fairly isolationist and timid.  That has to change if they they do not want China to run all over them in Asia and make them a larger outsider than they are, with Washington being their only real friend.  China is quickly surpassing Japan as the “sexy Asian country” because Japan allows it.

(LEAD) Front-runner Lee Myung-bak eyes landslide win – ’nuff said.   He is conservative, expecting to take a harder line on North Korea, but still favors engagement.  He is pro-free market.  Lee was born in Japan and he and his family moved back to Korea after WWII.  He grew up dirty-poor, but worked his way up.  He also has a history of being anti-Japanese, but then again, that is not going to hurt him in S.Korea, it makes him “normal”.

Bank reserve ratio raised by 1% – China’s trying to cool off rising inflation.

WTO judge vows to fulfill promise of job – Zhang Yuejiao becomes China’s first World Trade Organization (WTO) judge.

Number of middle-class consumers to triple: survey – This is according to international standards, not Western. Most poor Americans, for example,  are middle class by international standards, I wrote about that awhile ago. In any case, that will be 100 million people by 2016. 100 million out of 1.3 billion is not really a lot though, but it is larger than most developed countries entire populations, so a very big market indeed.

Africa: Europe Battles China for Heart of Africa – Brief of the Africa-EU Summit in Portugal.

Will Smith says new film ‘I Am Legend’ hasn’t secured China release – China doesn’t like Will Smith?? haha